Duall: QuintEssential Packaged Scrubber System Significantly Reduces Odors from Solid Waste Compost

QuintEssential™ Packaged Scrubber System Significantly Reduces Odors from Solid Waste Composting Facility

PrairieLand Solid Waste Management in Truman, MN is the first facility in the United States to implement the patented SILODA composting process. In the mid 1980’s, both Martin and Fairbault counties were facing close-to-full landfills. A committee was established to search for alternate solutions to its garbage problems.

After researching all options, OTVD/SERIES Systems of France was selected to provide their SILODA process in which the solid waste undergoes both mechanical pre-treatment, biological treatment(accelerated composting curing and final refining to create high quality compost.

The Challenge
In November, 2000, Charles McGinley of McGinley Associates in Stillwater, MN was hired to test the odor emissions being discharged through the SILODA building roof using roof exhausters.

As a result of the findings, a specification was written to solicit Odor Control System bids as follows:

  • SILODA building: 85' wide x 320' long x 30' high
  • (3) air changes per hour ventilation = (50,000 cfm required)
  • Storage building (for transfer air) = (40,000 cfm required)

Basis of Design
Odor control was required for the SILODA building sized at 50,000 cfm with 40,000 cfm of make-up air transferred from the storage building. A by-pass duct system would be utilized on one exhaust system sized at 25,000 cfm to exhaust ONLY the air in the winter months.


 Odor Units
Ammonia (NH3) 0.10 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0.05 ppm
Mercaptans 0.01 ppm
D.M.S. 0.01 ppm
D.M.D.S. 0.02 ppm


Scope of Supply

(2) Two-Stage QuintEssential™ Fume Scrubbers – DUALLast™ FRP construction

(2) Mixed Flow Exhauster

(1) Chemical Feed System

(2) Recirculation Systems

(1) Lot – PVC ventilation duct

(1) Lot – PVC transfer duct (from storage building to SILODA building)

(1) Transfer Fan

Turnkey installation including mechanical erection, plumbing, and electrical services. Freight deliveries, start-up, training and performance guarantee.

Corporate Synergy

  • DUALL DIVISION of Met-Pro Corp.: General Contractor, PVC and DUALLast™ duct, QuintEssential™ scrubber, recirculation and chemical feed systems, transfer fan (NH Series), start-up and training.
  • FYBROC DIVISION of Met-Pro Corp.: Recirculation pumps (FRP 1500 Series)

The systems were installed, started-up, and performance tested in the summer of 2002 and exceeded the specified design criteria for emissions and sound levels. The customer and consulting engineer were extremely impressed with the workmanship, project management and installation of the systems.

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