Smoot Round Baghouse Dust Collectors

Smoot Round Baghouse Dust Collectors

The standard configuration is for a Style III high-pressure pulsejet filter using 16 oz/yd2 felted Dacron Polyester filter bags designed to be removed from the bottom of the tube sheet. The unit will have:

  • Compressed air header
  • Rated for 8.5 PSIG Positive; 17-inch Hg Gauge negative
  • Mineral reinforced nylon bag cups and venturiis
  • Stainless steel bag clamps
  • diaphragm valves pre-plumbed to solenoids
  • Smart timer board with built-in LED readout, switch & 4-20 mA output capability of differential pressure readings
  • Timer and solenoids mounted in a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • 1 ea. hinged food grade side access door
  • 60° hopper
  • Materials of construction: carbon steel (standard)

When using Filter Elements instead of bags, elements are 8 oz/yd2 spun bound polyester. The standard element is 45-pleat construction, with wide pleat speacing available.

For assistance with these baghouses or any other Smoot products or services, contact Fluid Engineering at 800.841.9944.

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