Duall: City of Atlanta Refreshed with PT500 Wet Scrubber System

City of Atlanta Refreshed with PT500 Wet Scrubber System

The RM Clayton Water Reclamation Center in Atlanta, Georgia, was preparing for a comprehensive, system-wide modernization and expansion making it the largest treatment plant serving the City of Atlanta. Because the plant is located on a very constrained site surrounded by residential and commercial development, and odor complaints from neighbors were on the rise, the city considered odor control a top priority.

The city enlisted Jordan, Jones & Goulding, Inc. for the design. Chemical scrubbing was chosen as the technology to control the odors due to the high efficiency required and the proven success treating H2S and other odorous compounds. Jordan, Jones & Goulding turned to Duall Division, Met-Pro Corporation. With over 36 years designing wet scrubber systems, and numerous scrubber system styles, including packaged low-profile units, vertical packed towers, and horizontal scrubbers, Duall was sure to have a solution.

After thorough evaluation of the requirements of the odor control system, including 99.95% removal efficiency, space limitations, system maintenance, and capital and operating costs, it was decided that vertical, counter-current, packed bed towers were best suited for the application.

Duall supplied two pair of 2-stage, PT510 Series scrubber systems. Each 12’ diameter tower is rated for 53,000 CFM of airflow. The scrubber package also included fans and VFD’s, recirculation pumps, chemical feed pumps, instrumentation, DCS controls and chemical storage tanks. With the high skill level of the Duall Project Manager and the contractor, Western-Summit Constructors, the project was deemed a huge success to all parties involved, especially the City of Atlanta.

This facility is not only the pride of the City of Atlanta, it is one of the most attractive, state of the art treatment plants in the world. Other features of the 122 MGD plant include the largest (U.V.) disinfection system in the world and a 240 MGD mixed liquor pumping-station that transports the mixed liquor from the covered BNR to the final clarifiers.

Present Status
The scrubbers were put into service in October 1999, and continue to operate as designed.

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