Duall: Customized Lab Hoods Eliminate Fumes from a Mining Laboratory

Customized Lab Hoods Eliminate Fumes from a Mining Laboratory

An internationally prominent mining company needed to replace existing coated steel lab hoods due to corrosion and limited ventilation capacity. The mining company had previously worked with Duall at another facility when they replaced steel duct with corrosion resistant PVC.

The success of that project prompted the mining company to contact Duall’s local representative to see if Duall could help them with this new lab hood project.

Within the week, Duall’s representative visited the laboratory to collect the details and measurements necessary to present a thorough proposal.

Previously, most of this company’s lab hoods had been purchased from catalog companies who provide stock hoods in limited sizes and designs. Duall, as a “custom” fabricator, could build completely to the laboratory’s needs and specifications.

Duall engineers reviewed the field visit information and promptly designed custom lab hoods in accordance with the 22nd edition of The Industrial Ventilation Guidebook-Laboratory Hood Section. The design criteria incorporated ventilation of hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and small boiling beakers of other acids used for acid digestion of ore samples.

Scope of Supply

  • (4) Customized DUALLAB Hoods (70” wide x 54” high x 36” diameter)
  • Material of construction: corrosion resistant PVC with clear PVC counterbalanced operator opening sash
  • Features (each hood)
    (2) 115V outlets
    (2) Fluorescent lights and switch
    (1) Polyethylene sink with faucet
    (1) Custom cut stone work surface
    (1) Exhaust plenum with slotted face for proper capture velocity of fumes
    (1) Manual washdown valve and drain connection
    (2) PVC exhaust fans (each 3,000 CFM fan exhausts two hoods)
    (2) PVC duct systems
    (1) Turnkey installation including delivery

The customer compared Duall’s proposal to a standard catalog, non-customized system and determined that Duall’s equipment was not only competitive, but offered many advantages due to Duall‘s engineering and custom fabrication abilities. The purchase order was issued to Duall in January of 2001, and the system was installed and started up in May of 2001.

The system continues to operate as designed. The customer was so impressed with the project that they later purchased similar hoods for another facility.

Application: Acid Digestion, HCl, HF, Nitric, Sulfuric, Small Boiling Beakers and Perchloric Acid Fumes
End User: International Mining Company


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