Downflo Oval with Ultra-Web® Cartridge Filters Help Thermal Spray Coater Grow

Downflo® Oval with Ultra-Web® Cartridge Filters Help Falmer Thermal Spray Get Greener and Grow

INDUSTRY: Thermal Spray

PROBLEM: For its new facility, Falmer wanted overspray collection systems that would align with a green approach and grow with the company

SOLUTION: Two Donaldson Torit Downflo Oval dust collectors with Ultra-Web filters

When Stacy Ames, president of 50-year-old Falmer Thermal Spray moved to a new facility in Salem, MA to increase capacity, create a greener manufacturing process and streamline production, she wanted state-of-the-art equipment that would help the company meet her 5-year growth plan. She chose Donaldson® Torit® Downflo® Oval (DFO) dust collectors with Ultra-Web® cartridge filters.

Thermal spray processes use a heat source, like electric arc spray, plasma or flame spray, to melt metallic or nonmetallic materials and propel them onto a substrate. Managing the overspray in the spray booth is challenging because the particulate is very small–typically less than a micron in size–and is not captured by ordinary filters.

Donaldson® Torit® Ultra-Web® cartridge filters have a layer of nanofibers that capture particles in the submicron sizes down to 0.3 μm. The nanofiber layer also enables surface-loading, so the self-cleaning compressed air pulse if the DFO dust collector is able to clean the filters effectively–keeping pressure drop low over the life of the filter and extending filter life.

“We took the time to engineer the dust collection system right,” Stacy said. “They must accommodate our needs now and through our business expansion. We are know for our agility in terms of fast delivery and varying quantities and didn’t want to lose that during the growth phase. The Donaldson® Torit® Downflo® dust collection systems have everything we need: longer filter life, lower energy usage, and reliable operation enabling us to minimize maintenance downtime and cope with the varying costs of energy.”

Falmer’s new state-of-the-art spray booths (above at right) are ducted outside the building into a (1) Donaldson Torit cyclone pre-cleaner, (2) then into Downflo Oval (DFO) dust collector, and (3) finally through a HEPA filter on the roof. Lower emissions = greener operation.

Project Statistics

Dust Collector
Donaldson Torit Downflo Oval
4800 CFM
Pre-Cleaner Cyclone with rotary valve (into drum)
Post-Filter HEPA with TBI-15 fan
Safety Option Explosion Vents




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