Duall: Hydro-Lance Collects Corrosive Calcium Chloride Fugitive Particulate from Bagging and Convey

Hydro-Lance® Collects Corrosive Calcium Chloride Fugitive Particulate from Bagging and Conveying Operations

In March of 2007, Cal-Chlor Packaging and Distribution in Ludington, Michigan contacted Duall to evaluate their dust collection needs for two bagging machines and a rail car conveyor. Duall was brought in to help because a competitor’s self induced fixed blade unit was not working well in capturing the particulate, was a maintenance headache, and the after sale service was inadequate. Cal-Chlor Packaging quickly realized that they needed a total solutions provider.

The Plan
Duall sales engineers visited the site, evaluated the process, and subsequently recommended two (2) Hydro-Lance® dust collection systems for the bagging process. A ventilation design concept was engineered for the rail car conveyor exhaust that would include one (1) Hydro-Lance® located outside the building. A beneficial feature of the Hydro-Lance® valued by Cal-Chlor is the integral fan that saves valuable floor space. All units included smooth interior flexible ducting.

Duall installed the Hydro-Lance® dust collection system. After witnessing the performance and ease of maintenance, the customer purchased an additional unit.

“The Hydro-Lance® units have far exceeded my expectations on removal efficiency and ease of maintenance.”
– Derwin Duchenois Plant Maintenance Manager

Application: Calcium Chloride Bagging
End User: Cal-Chlor Packaging

Hydro-Lance® Effectively Collects PM-2.5 Particulate Matter

Model: HLFW
Flow Rate: (2) @ 1,500 CFM, (1) @ 4,100 CFM, (1) @ 2,700 CFM
Pressure: 10” w.g.
Construction: Corrosion resistant PVC

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