Warren Rupp SANDPIPER® Pumps Very Cool in Mine Service

Warren Rupp® SANDPIPER® pumps very cool in central Queensland mine

The mining industry has been very innovative in its approach to pumps and pumping equipment. Kelair Pumps Australia was recently contacted by CQuip Mackay who was asked to supply a number of pumping packages to one of the Central Queensland’s open-cut mines.

CQuip’s client was requesting air-powered diaphragm pumps to supply radiator coolant for the large haul trucks when being serviced. One package was for pumps to be skid-mounted for workshop duties and the other for mobile use on trailers.

The design, packaging and assembly was provided for the mine by CQuip.

Based on the requested flow rate, the Sandpiper® S1F Metallic pump was the best pump for the duty point. The Sandpiper® S1F pumps’ maximum flow rate easily meets and exceeds the mine’s requirements. In fact the pumps are regulated back to provide a safe and manageable delivery rate to adhere to the engine manufacturer’s recommended radiator filling rate.

The lube-free operation of the Sandpiper® pump air system also made it very attractive for the mine by eliminating the need for additional air side support components like a lubricator. The non-stalling design of the Sandpiper air system means that the client is assured that the Sandpiper pump will start pumping each time.

The pictures show one of the Sandpiper® pumps mounted on the “workshop” skid and being prepared for testing at CQuip’s workshop prior to delivery where it will draw coolant from a 1000L bulk container.


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