Seepex Silo Pumps in Sewage Treatment

Seepex Silo Pumps in the Sewage Treatment Plant of Putrajaya, Malaysia.

In Putrajaya, the new Malaysian Federal Government Administrative Centre, the largest and advanced wastewater treatment facility in Malaysia is operating. With a targeted population of 58,855 Putrajaya is intended to become an ultra-modern city equipped with the latest state of art facilities. Putrajaya is located approximately 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur and 20 km north of the International Airport at Sepang. The so-called "Garden City” occupy an area of about 4,390 hectares of land.

The new wastewater treatment plants are located north east and south of Putrajaya. seepex is supporting one of them with the delivery of three BTES silo pumps installed under a silo in the sewage treatment plant no. 2 located in the south of Putrajaya.

This plant has a capacity of 600,000 P.E. and is equipped with a thermal sludge drying system with a capacity of 3 tonnes per hour.

The seepex silo pumps of size 17-24 are been used to pump the dewatered sludge into the drying system.

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