Fisher-Klosterman scrubber controls nauseating odors from poultry processing plant

Poultry processing plants are generating bad publicity because of the
nauseous odors associated with the process. Frequent complaints from
local residents, workers, and regulators have forced many facilities to
address the issue. Fisher-Klosterman® was approached by a poultry
rendering facility to help ventilate and control their odorous
emissions. Sources included the meat, feathers, blood and similar
processing areas of the plant. Particulate, ammonia (NH3)
gas, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas were the primary odor
causing compounds. To solve the problem, Fisher-Klosterman provided an
MPS-1560 combination venturi/packed bed scrubber system. Our system
included an exhaust fan, instruments, controls, pumps, chemical
metering, piping, tanks, ductwork and access steel.

The tower was designed with two packing sections so that NH3
and H2S could be treated separately. Ammonia was absorbed
with a solution of sulfuric acid while the hydrogen sulfide gas was
removed with caustic and sodium hypochloride solutions. The customer was
very happy with the performance of our system.

  • Design Conditions:
  • Gas flow rate = 60,000 acfm
  • Contaminants = particulate, NH3, H2S
  • Guaranteed efficiencies = 99%+ for all
  • Why Choose an FK Scrubber
    / Absorber?
  • Custom engineered for your specific application requirements
  • Combination of quench / dust removal / gas absorption in one
    compact unit
  • Wide range of quench, venturi throat, moisture separator,
    liquid injection and packing media designs
  • Complete system responsibility: fan, pump, piping and valves,
    instruments, controls, duct, stack, access steel

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