Stringy Glass Wool Insulation Fibers Don't Bridge or Plug in Torit PowerCore®

This small Torit PowerCore dust collector was tested at a large fiberglass factory because the old baghouse (shown behind the Torit PoweCore ) often plugged with the glass wool fibers.The fibrous nature of glass wool (a.k.a. rock wool or fiberglass)
makes it perfect for insulation in homes and buildings all over the
world. But this same stringy fibrous quality makes it difficult to
produce, handle, cut, and shred. At this major European manufacturer of
glass wool insulation blankets, the material nests on itself inside the
dust collectors, often causing a bridge between filter bags that plugs

When an existing tubular baghouse needed replacement, the
production manager called Donaldson® Torit®, searching for a better

The production manager agreed to test one of the new
smaller, smarter Torit® PowerCore® dust collectors on part of a
production line, to see if it could meet the challenges of the fluffy,
agglomerative glass wool trim pieces.

400-Hour Production Test

· No bridging between filters
· No
plugged filters
· Pressure drop stabilized at 1"wg
After 400 production hours, the manager was so impressed that he
ordered a Torit PowerCore unit large enough for the entire "D"
production line. The result on the D line will become the benchmark for
lines A, B and C.

Bridging occurs in baghouses because the
pulse-cleaning knocks accumulated dust down the length of the filter,
and often it accumulates in the upper and lower interstitial spaces. On
material like glass wool that tends to stick to itself, the accumulation
builds and eventually forms a bridge that blocks airflow. Torit
PowerCore is engineered with computer-modeled fluid flow analysis to
manage the incoming dirty air and the velocities directed into the
filter pack, avoiding interstitial problems.

Another reason
bridging and plugging are prevented in the Torit PowerCore collector is
the Compact Oblique Pulse Cleaning System. It is a patented,
computer-modeled pulse-cleaning technology designed to match the obround
shape of the PowerCore filter pack. The pulse pattern covers the entire
media pack and thoroughly blows the dust out of the fluted channels in
an energy-efficient manner.

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