Taylor Products: GN Series Gravity Fill Net-Weigh Scales

Taylor Products: GN Series Gravity Fill Net-Weigh Scale

Specifically engineered for free-flowing products, the Taylor GN Series electronic net weigh scale will operate at speeds up to 18 bags per minute. The system features 4 cubic foot weigh bucket with dual electronic load cells, bulk and dribble flow gates, air cylinder operated bag clamps and dust enclosure with four-inch dust pickup.

Open Mouth Bagging Net-Weigh Scale
• 20 lb to 110 lb capacity
• Bulk and Dribble Fill
• Free Flowing Products
• Up to 18 bags per minute


95 in x 27.75 in x 27.75 in
Speed Up to 18 BPM
Accuracy Upto 0.4%
Weight Range
20 – 110 lbs
Scale Analog, Digital
Construction Carbon Steel Blasted and Painted
Electrical Requirements
120V, Single Phase
Air Requirements 90 PSI, 5 CFM
Bag Switch
Confirms bag placement prior to filling
Bag Clamps V-clamps for easy bag placement
Popular Options
Stainless Steel Construction, T3000 Weigh Controller, Zero Tare Feature


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