Tuthill HD Process Pumps: Pumps for Tough Applications

TUTHILL HD PROCESS PUMPS: Heavy Duty Pumps for Tough Applications

Tuthill offers the HD Series for the most demanding applications – slurries, high viscosity products, suspended solids, concentrated acids, chemicals, high temperature liquids, sludge, resins, sewage and scum, paints, polymers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods, and shear sensitive fluids.

This Rotary Positive Displacement, Circumferential Piston pump is Tuthill’s severe-duty problem solver. Heavy-Duty Construction provides longer life in the toughest pumping applications.


Performance Ranges:

Flow: Up to 650 GPM

Pressure: Up to 500 psi

Viscosity: Up to 4,400,000 cts

Temperature: Up to 525°F

Self Priming: Up to 14 feet

The secret behind the HD’s success is external bearing support on both sides of the impellers which enables the pump to handle high pressure, and pressure spikes associated with sudden surges of viscous mass. The load diagrams below show the rigid HD design compared to cantilevered designs with shaft deflections that can result in galling and seizing of the pump.


**External timing gears (shown at right) in separate oil filled reservoir provide safe, non-contact synchronous impeller action.

**Oil lubricated roller bearings provide support for maximum radial loading in models 70A, 120A, 330 and 600.

**Constant diameter shafts (no steps in torque transmission areas) for maximum strength and minimum deflection.

**Housing bushing, positioned under maximum radial load, assuring minimum shaft deflection.

**A selection of sealing solutions is offered including Tuffseall, heavy duty mechanical seals, and packing.

**Impellers provided in single lobe (shown at right) or double lobe design.

**No metal to metal contact in the fluid chamber (shown at right).

  1. Top impeller has started suction cycle and is completing the discharge cycle. Lower impeller is transferring liquid from the suction to the discharge side of the pump.
  2. Top impeller completes suction cycle. Lower impeller starting to discharge.
  3. Top impeller is transferring liquid from suction to discharge. Lower impeller has started the suction cycle and is finishing the discharge cycle.
  4. Top impeller starting discharge cycle. Lower impeller finishing suction cycle.

**Housing and gear case are foot mounted to minimize distortion and vibration.

**Heavy duty, grease lubricated, double-row ball bearings for combined radial loading and axial positioning.

**Casings and gear case are precision machined and dowel pin aligned. Procedure results in full interchangeability should field replacement be required.


Tuffseall™ cartridge lip seal technology has been successfully applied to a number of HD pump applications to address the requirements of leak free performance with intermittent run dry conditions. Optional power monitors are offered as run dry protection, and are recommended for use with single mechanical seals where run dry conditions are possible.Tuffseall™ features a positive drive and wear resistant silicon carbide sleeve. It has no springs to clog and no dynamic o-rings.

Sealing Choices:

  • Standard Teflon/graphite packing
  • Food grade packing
  • Packing with flush arrangements
  • Tuffseall™
  • Single or double slurry seals
  • Solvent compatible o-rings
  • Engineered packing or seal solutions


HD Pumps are very versatile and can be customized to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Optional Features:

  • Heat Jackets
  • Relief Valves
  • Double Lobe Impellers (Shown at right) for reduced pulsations with thin liquids
  • Flanges including high pressure flanges
  • Special Clearances
  • High Temperature Construction
  • Abrasive Fluid Special Construction 
  • Seal Choices (See Heavy Duty Slurry Seal at Right)

Tuthill HD Pumps are used in many diverse markets for challenging applications.
Below is a partial list of markets and applications served:

General Applications:

  1. Chemical Processing – Synthetic fibers and films, superphosphoric acid, adhesives
  2. Pulp and Paper – Black liquor soap, paper coatings
  3. Construction Materials – Silicon caulk, wall board taping compound, limestone filled asphalt forroof shingles
  4. Meat Processing – Ground meats, fats, casings, byproducts for rendering, waste products
  5. Food Processing – Chocolate, candy mass and gels, peanut butter, corn syrup, molasses, lecithin, sugar magma
  6. Oil Exploration and Refining – Slop oil, API 674 reciprocating pumps, crude oil
  7. Plastics Composite Parts Manufacturing – Filled plastics molding compounds
  8. Wastewater Treatment – Polymers, dissolved air flotation skimming, scum, sludge

Developing new energy sources from biofuels, coal, and waste products presents special pumping challenges. Some of the applications where HD pumps have been applied include:

  1. Biodiesel – Soybean soap stock
  2. Ethanol – Spent mash
  3. Coal water and coal oil slurries
  4. Energy Recovery – Waste oil burner feed

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