Seepex Pumps on Animal Feeds

Transport across long stretches with stable pressure and precise dosage.

Agricultural businesses have experienced huge growth over the last few years. Rising demands in the technical equipment used in order to rear livestock have gone hand in hand with this growth. In view of the fact that growth is always inseparably linked to added costs, companies are constantly on the look-out for innovative solutions to get these additional costs into a proper framework. Animal feed (fodder) processing is a relevant cost factor in this context.

The starting situation
Ground or shredded grain mixtures are mixed to form a homogeneous, tough pulp in the mast of pigs, sows and piglets. The pulp is then transported through pipes to the dispersed fodder points. The pipes become increasingly longer as the barns become larger. This means that the demands placed in the pumps also rise. Centrifugal pumps, for example, which were once frequently used for this kind of application, now reach their technical limits.

The solution
Precise dosage of the fodder is of decisive importance for the effective use of fodder and for rearing high-quality meat. Pumps must be capable of transporting the tough pulp across long stretches with stable pressure and precise dosage. In this context, it should be simple to set the dosage quantity, while the maintenance costs should be as low as possible and the pump should be easy to clean. This is the only way to cut costs and at the same time to achieve good results.

A renowned manufacturer of fodder systems initially tested a seepex progressive cavity pump, and it satisfied the customer’s requirements with more than satisfactory results.

The benefit
A few years have passed since then and several hundred pumps are now in use. All pumps work reliably and without any noteworthy malfunctions. The operators of the barns have never regretted their decision to use seepex pumps and have saved a lot of money due to the use of seepex pumps. “The good value for money ratio, guaranteed by the long service life of the seepex wear parts, convinced us”.

Everyone is therefore happy: the operators, who were able to make huge cuts in costs; the employees, who have less work with the low-maintenance pumps, and finally the consumers, who appreciate the good quality of meat.

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