Small Torit PowerCore® Bin Vent Proves Smarter for Grain Silos

Torit PowerCore bin
					vents operates effectively on the grain holding silos at this barge
					unloading area.When the businesses near this Gulf Coast grain facility complained
about excessive dust floating over, it became apparent that the old
perforated poly tube filters on top of the storage silos had worn out.
The complaints, as well as the problems of lost product and excessive
maintenance due to this equipment failure, demanded a better solution
for silo venting filtration.

The terminal manager feared he could not afford the high performance
that the site needed – until he discovered Torit® PowerCore®, a new
technology from Donaldson® Torit®. It's a smaller, smarter approach to
air filtration that uses the full power of Donaldson's Ultra-Web®
advanced nanofiber filter media in a bin vent dust collector.

The Ultra-Web® technology in PowerCore filter packs
cuts emissions by as much as 78% over traditional filter media, thereby
keeping the neighborhood cleaner and reducing product loss.

More Reliable
The Torit® PowerCore® system recovers well from
upset conditions, such as unusually high amounts of particulate that
happen periodically. At this facility, when the self-cleaning mechanism
was turned off for a few days, the pressure drop ran up to 6 "wg in the
collector. With just one pulse cycle (3 blasts of air), pressure drop
quickly recovered to just 1 "wg. Since the filter packs clean
effectively every time, there is no longer a need to open the collector
and clean it out by hand, as the crew had to do with the old perforated
poly tubes.

Smaller, Easier
The maintenance crew also enjoys easier
filter changeouts. Each PowerCore® filter pack is only 22" x 7" and can
be easily lifted out by one person without tools. The filter access door
on top of the collector is positioned at a convenient height so ladders
are not needed on top of the silo.

Reliable performance, no dust leakage, no more
complaints from the neighbors, no lost product, and low maintenance make
the Torit® PowerCore® collector the smarter choice.

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